New 'Putting Fundamentals' clinic at HSPSE

Published: 10 August 2016

Build the foundations for great putting with our new 'Putting Fundamentals' clinic.

Following on from the recent launch of our 'Three Skills' putting clinic we have introduced a new format to run from our Formby Hall HQ.

The 'Putting Fundamentals' clinic offers you the chance to develop sound fundamentals within your putting to help you build and maintain sound stroke mechanics - vital for controlling your ball start line and speed consistently. Swash Putting instructors Mike Kanski and Lee Sullivan will host the day, in which you will learn to:

  • Create a set up position to promote excellent stroke mechanics
  • Learn drills/exercises aimed at helping you improve start line & speed control
  • Identify and implement an 'alignment strategy' within your putting - to help you aim with precision across different putt types
  • Create a personalised pre-shot routine for you to take to the golf course

The clinic runs over a 2.5 hour time scale and dates can be found along the right side of our website homepage. Price per person is £99.

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Want to get started right now? Check out our pre-recorded demo.

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Ultimately, you need to put the ball in the hole.

Headed by Master PGA Professional Phil Kenyon, specialist putting coach to many of the world’s leading professional golfers, the team at Phil Kenyon Putting will help golfers of all abilities to master the challenge of the “game within a game”.

Instead of teaching you a prescribed method, our coaches apply our exclusive Putting Solutions framework to you as an individual. Your physiology. Your psychology. Your golf game. We are client-centred, rather than method-obsessed, and this has proven successful at all levels of the sport.

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